Los Angeles based menswear apparel brand recognized globally for their statement leather jackets.

  • Curate a cohesive Instagram feed.
  • Optimise the Instagram profile.
  • Build strong social media following.
  • Drive sales of all CADOGAN collection via engaging social media posts.
  • Create engaging posts in their dedicated Facebook group.

The Glitz team conducted research to better understand the CADOGAN brand, their products and their target audience. Armed with this key information we defined a visual style and determined what content we would focus on. 

We focused on creating engaging posts to interact with the brand’s followers on their Instagram and Facebook group. In order to track the success of our efforts we monitored the performance on social media and created data-driven changes for improvement.  Through this strategy we were able to fine tune targeting, adjust post frequency and test different content types.

  • +30% Followers growth.
  • Premium aesthetic Instagram feed.
  • Visually compelling and curated content.
  • Increased Instagram engagement & reach.
  • Increased customer loyalty.

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