The importance of influencers in a digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing has gone through big changes in recent years due to the growth in social media platforms and digital users. Influencer Marketing has been a part of these changes and has now become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Through this strategy, brands can promote their product or service by creating a collaborative link with influencers who have great visibility and prominence on social media platforms.

Influencer marketing is a growing marketing trend that seeks to create quality connections with online users focused on creating an affinity between a brand and its audience. This type of marketing works mainly through the sponsorship of products that may be mentioned or used by the given influencer. Historically it has been celebrities who have been endorsing products and influencing consumers’ buying decisions, but in recent years, brands have been switching to social media influencers since they provide the persuasive power brands are looking for — in a way that’s more targeted and more affordable.


An influencer is someone with the capability of persuading and changing consumers behavior and decisions. They know how to dialogue with their audience, and thanks to this, they have earned a reputation and trust among their followers, adding value to what they say, and creating engaging stories that help build quality connections with their audience. They have become a key aspect in marketing strategies since a positive reference to a product from an influencer can provide the final motivation that a potential customer is missing to make a purchase, and therefore increase a business’s sales considerably. This kind of marketing works because people trust social influencers, as influencers provide insight into their personal lives and communicate with their audience, creating a close relationship and generating trust between them.

Nowadays, there is a huge and diverse range of influencers for all audiences, from yoga gurus to luxury brand influencers. They have created niche engaged online communities built around specific interests, through which brands can reach their target audience. Followers of a niche topic are highly interested and engaged with this specific content shared by the influencer, which helps brands achieve a higher conversion rate. 

At the same time, influencers have a high impact on a brand’s image and reputation, so to make sure that this impact is positive, it is important for brands to identify and choose the right influencer for their marketing strategy. Someone with the same values and interests who truly believes in the brand and has a close connection with their audience. A well-matched influencer who displays an authentic relationship with a brand, can be a powerful tool in the eyes of consumers.


Previously brands looked to influencers with a large number of followers, without necessarily taking into account the quality of content or the level of engagement of their audience believing that quantity was more important than quality. 

Today, they have realized that working with micro-influencers is more effective and brings better results. Micro-influencers are people with a small but loyal audience and a high level of engagement. They share their authentic experiences when they are passionate about a brand, giving their followers a sense of closeness and transparency. By having a more dedicated group of followers, the audience does not consider their posts on social media as advertising but more as an honest recommendation. This helps encourage their online community to trust the mentioned product, increasing the chances of purchase and conversion rate.

The potential of Influencer Marketing is undoubted: people trust who they feel closest to and, in this regard, an influencer can be perceived as a friendly prescriber, more humane and credible than traditional high cost advertising. It is an excellent strategy for brands to increase brand awareness, gain credibility for their products and services, and more importantly, boost sales and save money. It can also be a great way to communicate their values in a much closer, more empathetic way towards their audience.

At Glitz we know how important influencers are for the development of a strong social media campaign. If you are looking to increase market exposure and would like to explore or discuss in more detail the benefits of an influencer strategy feel free to reach out to us. Our experienced team of expertise will take you from the planning process right through to recruiting the best influencers to suit your target market.

We are here to help your brand succeed.

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