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Luxury Brands And Digital Evolution: Insights And Trends

In today’s hyper-connected world, an estimated 4.88 billion people are actively using the internet, and a significant percentage of them use social media platforms daily. This massive digital shift has brought forth unprecedented opportunities for businesses to reach their audience, create distinct brand identities, and foster a deeper connection.

While most sectors have embraced this digital revolution, luxury brands have adopted a more measured approach, balancing their exclusive appeal with the mass accessibility of the digital landscape. The question that poses itself then:

How can luxury brands maintain their exclusivity in an ever-increasing accessible digital world?

Modern consumers’ values are evolving, with a clear shift towards experiences and wellbeing over mere materialistic acquisitions. For example, the iconic luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, understood this and launched its digital game, “Endless Runner“, a unique immersive experience for their audience. It’s no longer just about buying but about ‘being’. Luxury brands, as they become more accessible, must keep pace with these changes to sustain their unique standing in an intensely competitive market.

Millennials and Gen Z are the driving forces of today’s consumer landscape. Reports show that by 2025, they will account for 45% of luxury goods market. For luxury brands, understanding the nuances of these digital natives is vital. They must create experiences that not only meet but exceed their evolving expectations.


At Glitz, we’ve closely observed and studied these trends. Our vision is to help luxury brands navigate the digital landscape while preserving their unique identity and exclusivity.

High-quality storytelling is the cornerstone of our approach. This principle is exemplified by brands such as Gucci, which made waves on TikTok with its #AccidentalInfluencer campaign, driving engagement through creative narratives. We strive to curate content that not only captures your brand’s essence but also resonates with the emotional desires of your audience.

Different platforms serve different purposes in the social media ecosystem:


Known for its high user engagement, Instagram is perfect for showcasing luxury lifestyles. Chanel, for instance, boasts over 40 million followers, their content strategy carefully curated to inspire and engage.


This platform is key to engage with Gen Z. Burberry’s #TBChallenge campaign is a stellar example of a luxury brand utilizing this platform to its advantage, creating content that resonates with a younger audience.


A source of inspiration and discovery, Pinterest can help communicate your brand’s story. It has a high potential for traffic generation due to its unique ‘reshare’ functionality.


As the most widely used platform, Facebook offers powerful segmentation tools that allow for highly personalized campaigns.


As demonstrated by Dior, which has successfully utilized YouTube for its long-form content, this platform can host premium brand experiences.

It’s crucial for luxury brands to tailor their strategies to fit the specific dynamics of each platform. By doing so, they can foster a lasting emotional bond with customers, enhancing online performance and solidifying brand impact.

The luxury industry has had to recalibrate their approach in the digital age. With Glitz at the helm, we aim to guide luxury brands in crafting rich, authentic experiences that resonate with their audience, all while preserving their exclusivity and identity.

Ready to make your mark in the digital domain? Reach out to Glitz, where we blend luxury with creativity to help your brand thrive in this dynamic marketplace. Book your free discovery call now.

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