Luxury brands join forces with influencers

Influencer Marketing has become a very powerful marketing tool. Influencers are everyday people who attract the attention of a large number of users through social media and whose profiles have now become an advertising format for brands. According to data from the influencer marketing platform MuseFind, 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement. They are rapidly becoming the new authorities in fashion and proving to be capable of making a quick and lasting impact on their solid community of followers.

Nowadays, a large percentage of businesses’ sales are influenced by the digital world. And although luxury brands initially approached this new marketing strategy with caution, they have ended up surrendering to its effectiveness and venturing into the rising trend of influencer marketing. As stated in Vogue Business, “Influencers. Creators. Cultural tastemakers. For even the most traditional of fashion brands these individuals have become a major and unavoidable part of marketing strategies.” High-end fashion and beauty brands have recognized the power of these content creators and are now actively building valuable relationships with them in order to create inspiring branded content.

Influencers create authentic and original content, reflecting their own personal style. If brands are going to allow these creators to have complete creative freedom when creating branded content, it’s vital that they carefully pick influencers that are relevant and uphold the brand’s values. This may be someone who maintains the sense of luxuriousness, but at the same time makes the brand seem more accessible and relatable. By collaborating with the correct influencers, these high-end brands can be more appealing to younger audiences who have a genuine interest in the industry.

Brands genuinely benefit from mutual association when influencer, product and audience come together. A great example is one of the world’s leading fashion influencers, Chiara Ferragni. With currently over 25 million followers on Instagram, many high-end luxury brands are dreaming of working with Ferragni in order to access her large loyal audience.
The influencer’s latest collaboration with Louis Voitton is a perfect example of a well balanced brand-influencer partnership. The subtleness and authenticity of the content shared on the fashionistas social platforms, illustrates how her lifestyle fits seamlessly with the brands ethos. These collaborations create a huge opportunity for high end fashion brands to acquire the authenticity influencers possess, reaching a new and engaged audience. All while maintaining their sense of elegance and high quality.

Influencer Marketing gives luxury brands the opportunity to increase brand engagement as well as their aspirational value. If you are looking to boost your business through Influencer Marketing, get in contact with us. We will help you connect and collaborate with talent that is aligned, engaged, and already passionate about your brand.

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